Migrating e-encuesta.com to the Cloud

The growing business of Webtools’ leading online survey application e-encuesta.com with its pronounced peak-times was increasingly causing server overloads limiting the number of clients that could be served simultaneously.

In order to give the application the ability to flexibly react to changing demand it was necessary to change its data centre-based system to a Cloud-based structure.
We successfully adapted the architectural base and executed the smooth migration of e-encuesta.com from a traditional data processing centre to the public Cloud using The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition as its central tool.

How we helped

  • Designing a robust and efficient cloud architecture specific for the client's project.
  • Security upgrades and enhancements to the administration of application.
  • Development of a self-healing architecture, allowing that when problems are detected the architecture is able to react and reset the environment
  • Provide a pre-emptive support to the client in order to make sure the application is evolving properly in time and the system is up to date.


  • Substantial reduction of operating cost
  • Service now fully aligned to e-encuesta's needs
  • Resources elastically aligned with e-encuesta's usage
  • Improved performance and user experience: much higher response time and uptime
  • Almost unlimited scalability supports its business in its continuous growth
  • Increased reliability and stability of the environment