Enhancement of real-time driver information system (ARCO)

Metro de Madrid required a set of new functionalities and developments to enhance the efficiency and reliability of ARCO, the real-time information system for its train drivers.

The improved design of ARCO brings scalability to the system through a new component, allowing growth in both lines and functionalities, and increasing the system's reliability. At the same time it helps resolve capacity issues, bringing down use of CPU for the exchanged components, freeing up valuable compute power for other systems.

Delivered on-time and successfully installed on a live environment, we provided an iterative delivery solution, based on Agile methodologies, developing and releasing the new functionalities on a progressive basis.

We aimed to improve the overall software quality with each new developed component, as well as by refactoring the ones to be modified.

How we helped

  • Development of an iterative delivery solution based on Agile methodologies for progressive development and release of the new functionalities
  • Improvement of the overall software quality through new development components and refactoring of those to be modified


  • Successfully delivered a new version of ARCO, packaging items of several software layers
  • Notable improvement of the overall project management initiating the use of collaborative tools like Jira