SIM Cloud – PaaS WI WP2

ESA’s simulator deployment - a recurrent and important task – used to require time and manual processing. In order to gain greater control and make the process more fluid ESA tasked us to develop a Simulator deployment platform facilitating control and monitoring and enable the validation of the simulator to be deployed whilst providing an multi-user-tool with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Simulators can be deployed from either a local file system or a solution stored in the Library of Models (LoM)

We built the simulator deployment platform using technologies that fit perfectly with customer needs, taking in mind performance efficiency and aiming for cost reduction.

How we helped

  • Development of a multi-user simulator deployment platform with a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Enabling user log in against the Library of Models (LoM), meaning that users in the LoM Nexus server, access the application with their Nexus credentials.
  • Provides a validation process to ensure that the Simulation that the user is trying to deploy meets certain standards.
  • Enables users to view the deployed Simulators, access them and navigate their content.
  • Uses technologies that in our experience fits well the customer needs, taking in mind the performance efficiency and cost reduction (for example, usage of a light HSQL database).


  • Fast and secure deployments. Faster and more secure deployment of simulators in the system than its previous manual process which also allows auditing the deployment information.
  • Greater visibility. The user has now the possibility to view the deployed solutions, navigate them and access its file contents.