SIM Cloud – GD Library WP3

The continuously expanding size of ESA’s media library and its growing number of users made it increasingly difficult to manage. We moved the media library from an MS Access database to a web-based application with a user-friendly, easy-to-use and intuitive interface enabling the smooth and painless management of the library.

In addition the new multi-user web application includes new functionalities such as user management and media access privileges which the MS Access database could not provide.

How we helped

  • Developed a user-friendly web application to manage of the media library, used to store media information, a list of projects and suppliers and other media related info.
  • Included some extra functionality for the media library such as user management and media access privileges management. Through the application multiple users will consult the available media. The entries available for each of them will depend on the user's configured privileges over projects


  • Much improved user experience