Migrating the data processing to the Cloud

The Spanish national cancer research organisation CNIO experienced that its vast computing requirements increasingly led to processing bottlenecks causing delays in sequencing projects and research programmes.

The Server Labs have worked with CNIO to help them overcome the bottleneck of data processing in its research programmes.

In an initial feasibility study, The Server Labs established how to transfer CNIO's computing requirements to the Cloud, aiming to make the processing more agile whilst substantially bringing down cost and reducing the need for in-house infrastructure.

How we helped

  • Assessment to transfer CNIO's computing requirements to the Cloud enabling agile processing whilst reducing the need for in-house infrastructure
  • Created a framework which incorporates all of the strengths of the cloud, in particular data durability, publishing mechanisms and audit trails to make results of experiment reproducible
  • Designed and delivered data transfer


  • Development of a robust cloud-based platform to perform on-demand genomic processing tasks (at the same time enabling experiment results to be more easily reproduced, stored and published.)
  • IT Cost reduction of ca. 30% through Cloud-based processing