Continuous Integration platform

With over 50 systems exchanging financial information using more than 2200 interfaces, maintenance costs and operational risk are high. BBVA wanted to significantly reduce the number of interfaces, unify the data format and thus be able to lower maintenance costs, quickly respond to changes, and centralize monitoring.

BBVA designed its new continuous integration and quality environment employing The Server Labs Enterprise Development Platform in the Cloud.

The development platform does not only control quality and improve productivity but is also instrumental enabling homogenized and standardised developments for all of BBVA’s development projects, and as such providing a corporate reference architecture.

How we helped

  • Supporting project organization and management
  • Simplification of existing processes
  • Development of integration processes, using a common framework.
  • Design and development of common components, allowing later reutilization in other projects
  • Design and development of auxiliary tools (maintenance, monitoring of existing processes)


  • Fast response to changes in the integration processes.
  • Reduction of incidents in the integration software in operational environments.
  • Standardization of developments.