HPC Cluster Backup and Recovery Scheme

Keeping the data of its Health Care HPC cluster safe at all times is imperative for Bayer. We produced a robust backup and recovery scheme for Bayer’s HPC stakeholders to insure that important data is always safeguarded and that in the event of a possible incident the system would recover rapidly and safely in a minimum of time.

Though sturdy the recovery scheme we designed allows retrieving important data quickly thus minimising downtime.

How we helped

  • Creation of a backup and recovery scheme document, a companion technical note and a sample user manual
  • The documents provided recommendations in a number of areas relating to HPC cluster backup and recovery
  • A data classification approach
  • Storage housekeeping policies
  • Restore prioritisation policies
  • Recovering from catastrophic failure
  • Recovering accidentally deleted data
  • Managing the Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) backup footprint
  • Migration of inappropriate applications and data from HPC


  • Designed a complete backup and recovery plan for Bayer
  • If implemented correctly it will prevent or minimise possible negative business impact in a possible system failure