SOA & Integration

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural model that provides a methodology and a working framework to connect multiple applications based on services. Companies which are dealing with inflexible point-to-point connected applications requiring extensive re-coding, testing and deploying should move to SOA to allow better speed, agility and flexibility.

Benefits include:

SOA allows creating new applications increasing the value of current systems and automating new processes. Standardizing the approach to business problems using SOA significantly improves architecture goals such as layered architecture, separation of concerns as well as improving security, performance and availability.

The Server Labs provides the following SOA services:

  • SOA Jumpstart: Helps you to launch your SOA initiative, conducting interviews and workshops with the technology and the business teams to reach the right approach for your organization.
  • SOA Excellence: Establishes best practices, procedures, and organizational models to accelerate SOA adoption
  • SOA Implementation: Identifies, builds and implements services supporting the applications infrastructure, including a service bus to enable applications integration
  • SOA Governance: Establishes the policies, processes, framework, roles and responsibilities
  • SOA Assessment: Creates the roadmap to guide your transition