Project Management

Our project managers will go the extra mile coordinating the working process to implement your ideas and get on board from the early stages of project analysis and estimation. Establishing a clear communication from the very beginning and regularly revisiting expectations and objectives as necessary, are key to meet project goals, as they not only understand every technical detail, but also plan, monitor and manage in a hands-on manner to lead the project to success.

Benefits for your business

Our agile project management strategy is particularly appropriate for fast moving businesses, highly complex situations or urgent projects. Team members work in short packets of functional releases of a product, testing each release against customer needs and managing their expectations. The final product may be different from the first specification but, thanks a thorough testing process, you can be sure that the product is the one that customers want.

Key features include:

  • Project leading during full life cycle, from analysis to support
  • Defining requirements, resources and schedules for project implementation
  • Creating and maintaining technical and project documentation needed
  • Managing project and scope control
  • Preventing and resolving project issues.