Cloud Assessment and adoption strategy

Moving to the Cloud has many advantages, but it can also bring challenges and add different levels of complexity. Taking that in consideration, what will be the best approach, SaaS, PasS, IaaS? Should you use a public or a private cloud? How can you maintain control over the new deployments? What about security or compliance? Are your applications ready to be deployed in the Cloud?

The Server Labs Cloud Assessment and Adoption Strategy services, will help you to evaluate your systems, applications, business process and objectives. We will assess the cloud technologies available to cover your requirements and provide you with guidance and the strategy to achieve the full benefits of cloud ,mitigating the potential risks and providing you with a clear roadmap for cloud adoption.

These services include

  • Cloud effect on business process
  • Application readiness assessment
  • Cloud deployment capabilities
  • Security and compliance assessment
  • Cloud architecture election
  • Cloud Governance policies
  • Cloud Adoption strategy, patterns and roadmap