Cloud Architecture and Design

Most failed cloud projects did stumble over bad or missing architecture and design practices. The lack of architecture and design methods, as well as of a general understanding of the processes required to deploy solid cloud computing technology and solutions can end projects with problems like:

  • Inefficient utilization of resources
  • Resource saturation
  • Lack of elasticity and scalability
  • Lack of security and governance

So, what are the proper ways to design, build and leverage cloud computing systems? What are the steps to success? What are the emerging best practices? As in many other IT Architectures, there’s no single and simple solution.

Each situation and need is different, but the key to avoid pitfalls is relying on experienced partners with profound cloud knowledge to help you evaluate your needs (i.e. infrastructure, applications, scalability, security and compliance) and construct the right Cloud architecture applying the market’s leading and most reliable best practices to warranty its success.

The Server Labs, has been working since 2006 with complex cloud architectures and can provide your company with solid and reliable experience based on hundreds of successful projects, extensive knowledge of cloud technologies and best practices.