Continuous Delivery Platform

Proven value

Multiple industries: The Enterprise Development Platform has already been applied successfully in many industries including banking, travel, aerospace, transportation and the public sector.

Cost savings: Due to its immense flexibility, running the The Server Labs Enterprise Development Platform in the Cloud achieves substantial cost savings.

Example: during one working week payable server usage in the Cloud would be around 40 hours, compared to the allocated cost of 168 hours when owning the infrastructure.

Enterprise software development requires an optimised and automated Development and Quality Control Platform that fits with the particular environment of each company. A set of methodologies and tools is essential to be able to reach a higher level of productivity. THE SERVER LABS offers expertise and support for implementing these methodologies and tools.

The Server Labs Enterprise Software Development Platform (ESDP) is a powerful development and quality control system which addresses all of today’s enterprise development needs.

Companies in need of high productivity, change management and full application lifecycle capabilities, find a solution which combines the best-of-breed tools and frameworks together with a set of methodologies and best practices. It enables IT departments to solve the core problem: continuous application change.

Benefits to your business

The ESDP improves productivity and enables homogenized and standardized development, providing a corporate reference architecture and thus playing a crucial part in the successful execution of projects. Using a common workflow, organizations can create repeatable processes for application delivery in order to streamline the whole process.

Key features

  • Multiple programming languages and frameworks (C, C#, Java, ...)
  • Source code version management
  • Dependency and build management
  • Continuous integration and release management
  • Multiple environment support (Development, Test/QA, Production, ...)
  • Available as PaaS