Cloud Security

Cloud security is one of the hottest issues for enterprises who need to keep sensitive company data safe. It is often perceived as a significant barrier to cloud adoption and companies are subsequently missing out on the advantages the Cloud offers in a competitive business environment.

Our comprehensive Cloud security services are highly flexible and scalable and cover the most complex security requirements. In addition we are able to add these security layers to any of our Cloud services in order to enable the deployment of cloud solutions with the highest possible level of security.
Our Cloud architecture definitions are based on the leading security products and best practices available today.

All our Cloud security services are offered and managed by us as single supplier making the management of your Cloud security easy to handle.

Benefits for your business:

  • Cuts deployment time for complex security solutions by 50%
  • The time to deploy security services is halved compared to using traditional IT processes freeing up valuable time for your business
  • No need for in-house security experts
  • Your company doesn't need any special expertise in Cloud security issues since we will provide it for you keeping your security infrastructures up to date
  • Stay focused on the business
  • Up-to-date and top-of-the-league Cloud security services ensure the highest level of security for your business giving you peace of mind - so that you can think about other business-critical issues
  • Cost reduction for hardware infrastructures
  • Cost of hardware decreases as infrastructures move to the Cloud. Our Cloud Security Services provides highly scalable and flexible solutions without any initial hardware expenses.
  • More security
  • Security issues related to infrastructure are drastically reduced

Key features of our Cloud security services:

  • Web Security Gateway. Clean Internet Traffic, prevention of data leaks, malware etc
  • Web Application Firewall. Firewall to prevent web attacks. Layer 7 prevention.
  • Secure Mail Gateway. Antispam and antimalware mechanisms
  • IDS/IPS as a Service. Detection and prevention of external attacks .
  • Identity Manager Service. Manage different cloud platforms from only a single point.
  • Patch Management and Vulnerability detection. Software life cycle management based on security premises.
  • Firewall Policy Management.
  • DDoS Shield. Prevention of external distributed denial of services attacks.
  • Cloud Based Load Balancer/ SSL VPN
  • Encryption Services. Service in order to generate secure application tokens.
  • Penetration Testing.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service.
  • SDN (Software Defined Network). Security policies based on SDN technologies for cloud environments.