Big Data in the Cloud (on demand)

The Server Labs "Big Data in the Cloud" Solution is a cloud-based environment for your big data projects based on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. We provide all the necessary utilities and tools to effectively manage the vast streams of data and information generated by your business in a pay as you go model.

By combining the scale and power of the Cloud Infrastructure with the data management capabilities of Apache Hadoop, organizations and enterprises are able to utilise advanced data management services without the need to invest and manage their own server environment.

Our on-demand Big Data Solution provides you with:

  • Data storage services to capture and access data in any format
  • Data modelling support to help you analyse, transform and extract useful information from your data
  • Data management services to process, monitor and operate Hadoop
  • Data platform services to secure, archive and scale for consistent availability

For companies that desire faster query response times, more economical scale and greater stability of their Hadoop systems, our "Big Data in the Cloud" Solution is an ideal choice.