Rapid Cloud Transition

Moving an existing application to the Cloud without downtime needs expert skill and experience. Cloud computing is composed of different kinds of services deployment, that enable users to access their business systems over the Internet.

The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition has been designed to help you transfer an existing and fully operative application to the cloud through a completely supported migration process having it ready to run in a fraction of the time the process would take unaided.

About the process:

The Server Labs will analyze the customer's infrastructure, as well as its business and support applications, to evaluate whether or not the customer's current business systems are fit for cloud computing.

The Server Labs will recommend which type of cloud computing would be most appropriate and then support the transition of the customer's systems to a cloud environment. This also includes identifying options to optimize system development, operations, and maintenance after the transition has taken place.

Through this process, customers can determine which of their business systems are best maintained internally and which systems are most suitable for being deployed in a public cloud. Furthermore, customers are able to effortlessly employ cloud computing, allowing a greater optimization of ICT system resources.

Rapid Cloud Transition forms part of The Server Labs Cloud Deployment Platform.

Who will benefit from the solution

  • Anyone managing applications apt to run in the Cloud
  • IT departments or small and medium sized companies initiating their usage of the Cloud.

Features include:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Discovery process
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Application Moving Service


The Server Labs have developed a series of add-on applications to insure a smooth transition and running of your application.

  • Health Check
  • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery
  • Security Lockdown
  • Managed Services

Find out more about the solution’s processes, contents, add-ons and package in our downloadable sales sheet.

Rapid Cloud Transition moves existing applications to the public cloud through a structured and completely supported migration process

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